Teaching testimonials:

"Elbert Tsai is an extraordinary violin teacher. I feel very lucky to have discovered both his teaching practice and his immaculate violin playing. Elbert is incredibly knowledgeable about technique, repertoire and violin pedagogy and knows how to impart this knowledge in a very clear, logical format - all leading towards the student being able to play more freely, musically and with their own artistic intention.  Perhaps what I find most inspiring about Elbert’s method of teaching is how meticulously he has thought about and is able to both demonstrate and explain all aspects of violin technique. Technical elements that once seemed vague or unattainable feel clearer; achieving them and playing with a higher level of proficiency and musicality feels possible. Along with a laser focus on fundamentals, Elbert encourages students to play with maximum ease, beginning with violin hold and extending through to performance practice. In short, having violin lessons with Elbert is tantamount to receiving an entire musical education - one that is delivered with patience, humanity, humor and a very exacting eye towards the student achieving their full capacity as a violinist and musician."

  - Savannah Jo Lack, violinist and composer in the Los Angeles studios and on Broadway

"I have worked with Elbert in a number of scenarios, both in performance and in education. He is a thoughtful artist on the stage with a broad scope of knowledge, which he brings to his students with conviction, fervor and positivity. He has a talent for seamlessly blending technique and music making. Scales, etudes and a strong emphasis on the beauty of sound through vibrato practice and bow discipline are fundamental tools and methods used by the best instructors. Elbert is this type of teacher: he understands the importance of these core basics, incorporating them into every aspect of musical study, from colors and phrasing to the interpretation of complex repertoire.
In his teaching, Elbert inspires aspiring violinists of all different levels and ages to find the best within themselves. I would strongly encourage any students in the area looking for a teacher to contact Elbert."

  - Danielle Belen, Associate Professor of Violin at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor